Comparing Wikipedia Sites

The Wikipedia article “Americanization (immigration)” addresses the process of an immigrant to the United States becoming a person who shares American values, beliefs and customs and is assimilated. The article provides a helpful overview and history, including the importance of the period just before through to just after World War I. It was originally part of a broader entry on “Americanization,” which refers to the influence the United States has on the culture of other countries. “Americanization (immigration) was broken off into a very brief, separate entry in 2006. Since then it has been added to and amended over 500 times. Despite the many changes, there is only one Talk comment, suggesting that the article would be improved by including more of a perspective from people being Americanized. The Talk section indicates that this article is within the scope of WikiProject United States, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of topics relating to the United States on Wikipedia.

“National Security League (NSL)” is mentioned in the “Americanization (immigration)” article as one of the key private organizations involved with Americanization. The article focusing on the NSL indicates that it was an American patriotic, nationalistic, nonprofit, nonpartisan organization which supported a greatly expanded military based, and the naturalization and Americanization of immigrants. The NSL article was first created in 2007 and has been modified approximately 40 times. To date, this article has generated no Talk comments.

“Immigration to the United States,” which is also mentioned in the “Americanization (immigration)” article is by far the longest and most comprehensive article of the three. This article also has been amended over 500 times. The Talk section focuses on suggestions for modification of racist language in the article. This article also leads to a separate discussion of the History of Immigration to the United States.

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