Week 1 – First Post!

So it’s a bit frustrating using WordPress for the first time! This screen doesn’t look at all like the blog I set up (“History Rules),” so we’ll see what happens when I click on Publish!

I graduated from Holy Cross and UConn Law in the early 1970s, just before Microsoft was started and when Apple was still a fruit. I thoroughly enjoyed my first job, as a Staff Attorney at the Connecticut General Assembly. However, whereas today I could search all 50 states’ laws on a particular topic by just phasing the question appropriately, back then it required walking across the street to the State Library and searching state by state. There was a time when I could mentally envision the size and color of each state’s code alphabetically as they appeared in the CSL stacks. I have also thoroughly enjoyed working as an attorney at Aetna for the past 34 years. Not only has Aetna’s business fundamentally changed over that time, but the way I have approached the job has changed as well. And that has largely been due to the introduction and changes to technology, including the use of digital tools for finding cases, laws and regulations and professional articles of use in my work.

Digital History is my first Public History course at CCSU and so I will need to figure out how research and writing in connection with creating an Exhibit differs from the research and writing I’m used to from “regular” MA History courses. Back in 2008-2009 I took Slavery in the United States, Progressive Watershed, and U.S. Policy in the Middle East, but focused more time on work related to Connecticut in the Civil War: History 501; a semester of independent study with a team of researchers working with Prof. Warshauer towards publication of his book, Connecticut in the American Civil War; presentation of a related paper at an academic conference (Connecticut at War); contributing a related chapter to a book, Inside Connecticut and the Civil War, which was edited by Prof Warshauer but written by CCSU grad students; participation in a related CT-N, Connecticut Network, panel discussion of Inside Connecticut; and contributing a related article to CT Explored. Pretty much milked that topic dry!

I’m looking forward to finding a World War I topic to explore. Since I am interested in legislative and regulatory policy and politics, I’m thinking that looking into some aspect of how war-related opinion and activities at the Capital played out might be interesting. But then the challenge would be how to address this from the perspective of creating an Exhibit, as opposed to writing what could be an interesting academic paper. We’ll see!

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